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At PRYSM Group, we’re continually innovating to find new ways to increase ROI for our exhibitors. Our shows grow year-on-year because they help our exhibitors to grow - with an unrivalled level of support provided to each and every one. Of course, no marketing strategy is foolproof, but we give our exhibitors all the tools and guidance they need to make our exhibition a success for them, and take their business to the next level.

Here’s what makes us different...

What we do for you

Smart Exhibiting

Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or showcasing for the very first time, our Smart Exhibiting team offer you as much or as little support as you need in order to achieve your exhibiting goals. The team is at your disposal from the second you sign-up to exhibit - giving you advice that will bring benefits before, during and after the show.

And this isn’t a case of the same blanket service being provided to every exhibitor. Smart Exhibiting assign you a dedicated account manager who takes the time to find out precisely what it is that you need help with - and a bespoke service is created that’s tailor-made for you.

Here’s how Smart take the stress out of exhibiting:

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We’re one of the only event organisers left that still produces both printed and digital showguides for each and every one of our industry-leading exhibitions. Why do we pour our blood, sweat and tears into creating these publications? Because they continue to be an incredible marketing tools for you, our exhibitors.

When you register to exhibit at a PRYSM event, you’re automatically listed in the dedicated showguide for that exhibition - complete with your company name, description, website link, contact details and stand number!

But here’s what’s really brilliant about our showguides:

Our showguides:

Exhibitor Tips

Having spent the past 18 years running a portfolio of Europe’s leading trade events, we like to pass on all the invaluable exhibiting tips that we’ve picked up along the way. We put these nuggets of advice out there to help both our first-time and seasoned exhibitors alike; guiding you through every step of the exhibiting process.

We’re updating this collection of tips all the time, so make sure you keep checking back to pick up all the exhibiting advice on offer.

Below are the three categories of tips we provide:

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